This RPG bases off of the 6 elements, water, air, earth, fire, shadow, and light, and includes a world of dragons and other such creatures of which usually the humans are blissfully unaware. Times are changing...the humans...are getting restless....
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PostSubject: Kairii Of Elven   Kairii Of Elven Icon_minitimeFri Dec 19, 2008 3:41 pm

Name: Kairii

Age: 18 (in the age of elves, thats over 100 thousand years old)



Kairii is of the Elven race one of the last of her kind, since the elves were powerful beings.She is what someone calls a double-bladed warrior as she works with two swords, and is quite skilled.Kairii also was chosen by dragons to take place in a Hatching where she is to gain a dragon that she will hopefully bond with instantly.Kairii is gifted with the elements as all magical creatures are but has only been able to master two.The elements of Fire and Shadow. She is apparently a protegy to the elven race, and will be able to gain all the elements, and maybe even discover new ones...... she doesn't fight for others most of the time, and firmly stands against anyone who questions her, though usually someone who stands against her ends up with one or two swords in them depending on how badly they doubted her.

OOC:To all new members out there your form doesn't have to be like this, and you do not have to have a picture just describe your person if no pic is available.And it doesn't have to be in a spoiler thanks.
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