This RPG bases off of the 6 elements, water, air, earth, fire, shadow, and light, and includes a world of dragons and other such creatures of which usually the humans are blissfully unaware. Times are changing...the humans...are getting restless....
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 Ah Home....

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PostSubject: Ah Home....   Fri Dec 26, 2008 5:17 pm

Kairii breathed in and out slowly on the mat in a large room.She slowly put her arms out in front of her and still slowly moved them first right then left up down and then in spirals and zigzags moving her body with them. Before long where her hands had trailed small blue lines showed then faded until they were constant in a pattern and Kairii's hands were faster.In a fluid movement she lurched her hands to her right and then up in front of her a cascade of water flowing out tinges of green in it.Then as well from the same column of water there was a swirling thing of fire with flecks of black.With her eyes closed she continued to swerve her hands every which way until she ut her hands over her heart and the two columns erupted, and formed two dragons spiraling around each other before slowly fading away.

Kairii wiped the sweat from her head and glanced around.Okay I showed you something none of you will be able to do anything like that yet, but practice enough and I'll get you there.Remember today's lesson!4 students bowed their heads and with excited smiles and whispers headed on their way.Kairii made sure they were on their way and quickly bathed, warming the cold water with some fire she made and sinking into it.When she finished she dressed in her normal wear including the light armour she wore quite frequently.Scrawling a small note she took a dagger and stabbed it onto the door so that the note would not flutter away.It read:
I will be out for a while,
should be back quite soon,
if it is of importance than leave a letter,
and if it tis Yuu and Zeara go on inside
and make yourselves at home.
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Ah Home....
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