This RPG bases off of the 6 elements, water, air, earth, fire, shadow, and light, and includes a world of dragons and other such creatures of which usually the humans are blissfully unaware. Times are changing...the humans...are getting restless....
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 The Rules!!

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PostSubject: The Rules!!   Fri Dec 19, 2008 4:25 pm

# 1. When making your characters, please do not over exaggerate and if you wish to become a Dragons Rider you must check with me, Element.

# 2. Absoloutly NO god modding....except for maybe me, hey I made this site if you don't like the rules don't join!(Don't worry I won't godmod..much)[size]

# 3. You can be an evil character but don't make excessive bad guys, seriously, and along with that thought I don't want 70 million fairies and such and NO humans.

# 4. The admins are almighty GODS!So are the mods, be respectful for goodness sake!We have feelings too and frankly I don't want to hear anything bad said about anyone.Yes mods that goes for you too, I be watching!!

# 5. Ok you CANNOT become a DragonRider right away.I'm the exception, you also cannot choose the color of your dragon, I or one of the other Admins will choose.

# 6. You can't Rp until you have an avatar, and until you are accepted.NO exceptions not even me.Well since I can kind of accept myself...oh well!

# 7. About your elements.Not everyone can have elements, your person must constantly be training and such and in order to officially get an element must visit one of the 6 element temples. As well humans CANNOT have elements, I thought the whole, humans caused a battle because they wanted the elements a huge hiint that they didn't actually have the ability to USE them.

# 8. Okay I've noticed this a bit. Ok I know how it is SOO very convenient to write one or two words and be done with it, but seriously that is really no fun at all!!!Come on now!!!!Have atleast a small paragraph per post it won't kill you.

Will add more when they come to me feel free to help me out here by Pm Razz

Oh and one more thing READ THE PORTAL!!There is a navagation box on the left of the screen, just go to portal and READ it.I didn't put it there for my own health so USE THE THING!This will make it a whole lot clearer for all you new people thnx.
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The Rules!!
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