This RPG bases off of the 6 elements, water, air, earth, fire, shadow, and light, and includes a world of dragons and other such creatures of which usually the humans are blissfully unaware. Times are changing...the humans...are getting restless....
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 Field Work

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PostSubject: Field Work   Field Work Icon_minitimeSat Feb 14, 2009 7:33 pm

Zeara was practising an getting into a little mischieve. The head mistress of the accademy she was attending for hisorical purposes was getting on her nerves. The Boys that knew the Earth element where cocky fools who knew less then she did, an she didnt even attend the courses to learn the earth element. If a girl had the ability to learn what to do in the earth area she would heal,create life, an farm for small villages close by. Since Zeara wasnt like any of the other girls she rebeled against doing what she was told. some times on the walls of the boys school she would watch an teach herself some of the male fighting skills with weapondry

Zeara snaped back out of her element equations an woundered away from the other girls, most of which were human an just farmed. She stood in the tall wheat field with a stomp filled her basket with wheat. She picked up the large basket and carried it to the wall of the boys school. She mummbled a few hanise words an snarled at the society laws she had to fallow. it wasnt that she had to help out in the fields but she always tended to to speed things along anlearn a thing or to at her own free will

Zeara looked about to make sure no one was watching an practised a few moves she saw A level 4 earth trainer perform that morning. She look a step with her left heal an tunred turned her body keeping her feet steady on the ground. Her one hand was over the other as she lunged back an leanc to swip her hand in the air. She had sent a larg mass of earth that moved toward an adult cow an cart full of water. She watched an turned her head away from the sight of the cow an cart tipping over causing a mess an chain reaction with the wheat gather from ealier

"Oops..."she shiftly turned an acted like nothing had happened
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Field Work
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