This RPG bases off of the 6 elements, water, air, earth, fire, shadow, and light, and includes a world of dragons and other such creatures of which usually the humans are blissfully unaware. Times are changing...the humans...are getting restless....
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` Distance Becomes Infinite, a new wolf, hybrids and dog rpg.
Not a Rule Just Advice

Feb 16 2009


I've been noticing alot of you boys on here are getting on late at night time. As to why you are on so late may just be to catch up on your posting throughout the day or something else. Either way not getting enough rest to hold you over for the next day means you have a serious problem with sleeping. I congragulate you people for being able to keep the posting moving along so other people can RP back just as fast. 2 thumbs up peoples. Down fall is those people who stay awake will get tired an keep having trouble sleeping through out the night.

I have the worst case of sleep ansomnia. I could care less wether I just spelt that right, but please at least get some sleep in your daily schedules.The reason why I said boys was because the only girls so far are me, El an Yuu.





Feb 15, 2009


Wow some of you just don't get it do you? USE THE CHARACTER FORM. Simple right? you guys are making it seem like brain surgery! And I know that it is SO hard to get, but have you noticed the little fact that there is no Light and Air temples? Thats for a reason. There are no Light and air ELEMENTS available, nope none, you CANNOT have one of these elements, read the plot you'll figure it out, if ot go hit your head off a brick wall, it might bring your brain round.





Jan 23, 2009


Yo, ok either, I'm wasting my time or I'm not, but I personally think i'm wasting my time. I made a character form so start using it! I made rules too it would be nice if you started following them! Really if you have questions or you don't know something ASK for heavens sake, you know all us admins are here for a reason, I don't know how all of your minds work and all, and well I doubt I ever will, but I'm sure that reading a few things isn't going to make you drop dead and have a heart-attack trust me on that. Well thats all,


Your Admin,


Plot & About The Site

Jan 13, 2009


Welcome to Element Wings, a place of the 6 elements, yes 6. These elements include Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Shadow, and Light. For a long time these elements were hidden away living in fear of the humans who discovering the elements power tried to use them for distructive purposes and abused what the 6 had given them, which in turn lead to trying to destoy them.The elements merged themselves within life around them becoming creatures of all sorts, some dragons, others fairies or elves, ect.Even then the humans tried to destroy their existence, and now very few have survived.Now-a-day's the humans have forgotten about the world outside their own, and to them no such things ever existed in the first place.Little do they know that their eternal neighbors still linger around them....

    Now amongst the magical beasts 2 of the elements have only 4 temples remain, Fire, Water, Earth and Shadow. The Light and Air elements cannot be found, and rumour has it...that one of these temples will be found soon...but by a human! This goes against all of the Teachings, and the possibility of another human vs. elemental battle is high, the question is...just who will it be and which side will they take?


Hi this is your Admin speaking :P , anyway's I hope you enjoy it and I welcome any and all suggestions as well as questions, questions be very good.So well thats it, and feel free to join some usergroups!!

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