This RPG bases off of the 6 elements, water, air, earth, fire, shadow, and light, and includes a world of dragons and other such creatures of which usually the humans are blissfully unaware. Times are changing...the humans...are getting restless....
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PostSubject: Kairii's Dragon Kai   Kairii's Dragon Kai Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 6:02 pm

Kairii loved the feeling of the wind through her hair, her brain and heart were having a heated arguement.her brain was saying, 'What are you doing?!Hold on tighter or you will fall off and die a horrible death!' yet her heart was cheerful and was responding, 'What do I care?I'm riding a DRAGON i feel alive, like hell am I holding on in fear!' Kairii had to go with her heart on that one she spread out her arms and liftedher head to the sky as the dragon she was riding on chuckled.You seem used to this, but i do not believe you have ever ridden one of our kind am I correct? The black dragon remarked in its own language.You are. But it feels so wonderful i can't help it! You would have to be crazy not to be enjoying this momment in time! kairii sighed her tongue sliding easily around the words of the dragons.She closed her eyes and sighed in relief snapping them open when a shriek split in her mind.

What was that???Kairii exclaimed only to be laughed at by the black dragon. A great yellow eye looked back at her glinting with amusement.You elves continually surprise us with your ability to speak most languages. It sounds like competition. One of my friends is having trouble with his passenger, but we mustn't interrupt.The black dragon flew on and Kairii gasped in amasement as the sky ended and they were going straight up close to a cliff of rock, then suddenly they were inside a cave and shooting among tunnels so fast Kairii's eyes were watering, but she remembered everywhere no matter how fast they went. Her mind unconciously put it into a map in her head and she gasped.It was huge!The dragon settled to a stop in a huge cave without her realizing itWe are here. Stand among that group there, and be careful. Kairii stood on his back surveying the place with awe.It was almost as big bigger then 2 of her houses put together with no walls.

She joined the group and counted only 4 girls. One was gazing at her hostily and she glared right back off setting the girl a little. The rest seemed to be boy's around 13-14 years old each. Dragons were perched on ledge's that were carved out of the walls all around the cave. A small little dragon fluttered down among them, obviously, only a hatchling. It gathered all the boy's then made them approach an area that was slightly higher than the rest of the ground, covered in hot sand. Soft cracks broke out and Kairii only then noticed the 5-6 eggs in a small circle surrounding 2 larger eggs. Each egg cracked and suddenly split one by one open and small wet hatchlings dropped out stumbling on weak little legs, focusing on the boy's with wide eyes.A few knocked some of the boys over as they tried to gain control over themselves, but in no time at all, they had paired off together some without one walking away sadly.then the two eggs in the middle cracked.

Amazing.....Kairii whispered. She took a step towards the eggs but the girl who had hostily glared at her pushed her aside and strode up to the eggs waiting with crossed arms. One of the eggs split and yellow eyes looked out from a little black body that was much bigger than the boy's dragons. It shook itself and took one step swinging its head into the girl as she reached down to grab it as hers, sending her flying with a shriek. A smaller girl ran over to the little black dragon scolding it gently not to do that.the dragon crooned at her and it was hers.The second egg cracked and Kairii waited patiently. But it didn't come out. All the dragons started to leave as did the girls but Kairii waited until the black dragon descended to give her a lift home.It's a dud.It won't hatch.The dragon sighed sadly, but kairii turned on him furious her elvemn blood boiling.How can you say that!It's shaking is it not?!Kairii ran from the dragon towards the egg despite its bellow of warning.The hot sands burnt through her shoes and her feet but still she got to the egg and with a heave she moved the egg onto its side. she gripped a cracked edge and pulled breaking it off and continued to do so until the dragon caught up with her and easily picked her up.

Stop.A female voice said and every single thing stopped in its tracks. The voice was powerful and commanding enough to stop even the proud black. The eggshell parted and a little dragon stuumbled out.It's green eyes gazed around at the dragons in awe. The little dragon was too big to have been in the egg, that was why it couldn't get out, there was no room to move let alone break its way out.I am Kite and she's my rider. It said. Kairii was shocked.I..I thought that there was no such thing as a...a...She stuttered, but the black dragon was in shock as well and could only just respond.There isn't.A long time ago there was....but she is your dragon despite her color.he bowed his head putting Kairii back down and stepping away.Cai flexed her little white wings and ave a little dragon grin.Kairii couldn't believe it...she was the rider of a white dragon, something no one had ever seen before.
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Kairii's Dragon Kai
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